We're Online!

Hello and welcome everyone,

My website has aired today and I'm pretty satisfied with it so far. The look and feel of this website are very simple, and this should also work with mobile devices fairly well too.

In the future, this blog will contain links, useful information and stories on how this smoke ‘interest’ began with other people (hopefully). If you'd like to share your story (and for it to be on this website, if desired), please contact me by going to the Contact and Chat page. There, you can also find the link to the Exhaust Chat, where you can chat with others and share content.

Now, I understand some of you are finding this a hard topic to talk about. Like many of you, I thought for a long time that I was alone in this ‘interest’ and that there's maybe something wrong with me. But while this isn't very common, you should know that we're actually out there. And that, as long as you use common sense and can control yourself, nothing's actually wrong with you.
Just give yourself some time to process this. When you're ready, we're there for you (and you are welcome to lurk for a while in the chatroom, too). Finally, if you don't feel like joining a chatroom with multiple people, you're also welcome to contact me privately via mail or other options if you'd like.

Looking forward to seeing y'all and to having this website packed to the brim with content.

– Dan